It’s been nearly nine months since I posted at That Crash Test Girl.

A lot of things can happen in nine months. I could have grown most of a baby in that time, or eaten 274 cheeseburgers if I’d had one per day, or gotten a graduate diploma of something. I’m kind of glad I didn’t do any of these things, though at another time or in another place I think they all sound pretty grand.

The things I did do, when listed, look big. I moved house three times. I left my job of three and half years, and a company I’d worked with for five, and started a new and big exciting role. I wrote and directed an entirely new play. I made new friends and I lost old ones. I travelled all around my state, kissed backpacker boys, swam at sunny beaches, tried many different ice cream flavours (panacotta, mars bar, blood orange, pineapple, doughnut, salted caramel, lime supreme, coconut) and rode on rollercoasters in the rain. And not one week went by when I didn’t think about blogging.

You see, I love blogging. I have a lot of friends who use their blog as a way to build their presence and support their business, which is awesome, but a bit of a drag on their time. They blog because they have to, because it’s a necessity of the online world we live in. My blog doesn’t really feed into my career like that, there’s no linear connection between blogging about health and lifestyle and playwriting. And that’s ok, because it means it can be something I enjoy on the side. But I do want to get it right, and that’s what I’ve been thinking about while I’ve been spending time not procreating or re-enacting Supersize Me.

So stay tuned for new Crash Test updates soon. I promise you, it’s going to be fun, and there’s probably going to be a whole lotta ice cream.