Who? What? Why?

Crash Test Girl was born of one woman’s curiosity to put to the test all the legends, myths and modern day rumours that told her how she could live a better, a more healthy and fulfilling, a more awesome life. With a penchant for conducting quasi-scientific experiments and a reckless disregard for rules and warnings, Crash Test Girl charges forward, determined to decide once and for all what really works: what makes life full of awesome and what’s just baloney. She’s always wanted to be awesome, but she doesn’t have all day and a never ending bank account to make it happen.  Testing life applicability and weighing cost and time against potential awesome making, Crash Test Girl will eat, drink, take, try and test anything that purports to have life enhancing abilities. Have a Crash Test you’d like to see done? Get in touch on email, facebook or twitter. Meet The Girl Behind “Crash Test Girl”

That Crash Test Girl Portrait

Figure 1: Crash Test Girl (drawing not to scale)

Lauren Sherritt is a twenty-five-year-old writer, theatre maker, great cake baker (if she does say so herself), yoga doer and now Crash Tester.  She lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she writes and directs plays, soaks up the sun and turns a sceptical eye towards all advice that comes her way. Sick of being told that transcendental meditation would save her life (for a $1000 fee), or that an all green, all blended diet would turn her into a super hero (but only if it was room temperature and the baby greens were sung to sleep, yo), but not being provided with the evidence to back the claims, Lauren started Crash Test Girl as a way of testing out these theories; spreading the word on whether they work and whether they’re applicable to an everyday life.

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